Energy from the sun as a natural source

Our solutions

Together with our clients, we plan the energy supply for electricity, heating, cooling and for e-mobility. 

Our services include 

  • Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Trainings

Our solutions start from 0.5MWp systems up to 1,000MWp and more, free-standing or roof-mounted as well as special solutions for already existing parking spaces for cars in the form of so-called PV carports (from 30 parking spaces) and special solutions for Truck and Bus PV-Carports.

We deliver and build internationally in Europe, Africa and Asia:
  • Commercial buildings
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Hotels
  • Carports
  • Free standing

With the supplied energy management software, you can control your energy flows fully automatically, from self-consumption, grid feed-in, battery charging or charging e-cars using our charging stations.


We have the latest and most efficient products for photovoltaic systems for our customers. We rely on the latest but also proven technologies and thus bring the best and most sustainable solution to our customers. A good energy balance is very important for our customers, for which we certify the PV system and they also receive the corresponding GHG certificates. An all-round carefree package in plant construction, which is extremely profitable for our customers.


High performance Inverter for each situation

  • High efficiency 3-phase solar inverter. The perfect choice for large solar installations often used in commercial or utility applications. Aluminium housing for long-lasting protection against moisture and corrosion
  • Maximum apparent power 73 kVA / 88 kVA
  • String fuses and string current sensors, mechanical DC disconnector

Mounting Kits - Innovative and Efficient:

AlumPower's aluminum series adopts the newly developed patent design of the upper-press and lower-lock, which increases the installation efficiencyby 60%. An 80% recycling rate of the aluminum allows the power station to effectively "retain value”.

Transformator Stations

We deliver probably the best solution and utility scale project in a 20" container. With the 3.15 MVA or 6.30 MVA Smart Transformer Station you have the choice of 9 different medium voltage outputs from 10 kV to 35 kV.

With the optimal cooling system, there is no active air exchange in the transformer stations, thus guaranteeing higher availability and easy maintenance. Due to the hermetic separation of the areas, no contamination or moisture penetration is possible and this enables the use in harsh environments. As no filters are used, maintenance is simple and fast - an annual visual inspection of only 15 minutes is sufficient.

535 - 700Wp
Assembled with 11BB PERC cells and gapless ribbon connection technology, the modules can offer higher output power with improved module efficiency, the reduction of cells gaps brings outstanding module appearance. The half-cell configurature makes less shading effect, lower risk of hot spot, as well as more reliable and stable power generation.


A short overview ...


1MWp solar-diesel hybrid PV-power-plant, Somalia

100% self-sufficiency for 365 days.
  • Freestanding photovoltaic system
  • Battery storage
  • Energy management system
  • Island operation



  • Installed Capacity (DC), MWp: 31.9
  • Produced Energy, MWh/year: 39,227
  • Project Execution Term, days: 150
  • Solar Modules Installed, pcs. : 84,000



  • Installed Capacity (DC), MWp: 100
  • Produced Energy, MWh/year: 385,000
  • Project Execution Term, days: 180
  • Solar Modules Installed, pcs. : 268,344



  • Installed Capacity (DC), MWp: 27.3
  • Produced Energy, MWh/year: 46,960
  • Project Execution Term, days: 120
  • Solar Modules Installed, pcs. : 101,200
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