Energy from the sun as a natural source

Our solutions

Together with you, we plan your own energy supply for electricity, heating, cooling and for e-mobility. 

Our services include consulting, planning, installation, training, service and maintenance. 

Our solutions start from 0.5MWp systems up to 1,000MWp and more, free-standing or roof-mounted as well as special solutions for already existing parking spaces for cars in the form of so-called PV carports (from 30 parking spaces).

We deliver and build internationally in Europe and Africa:
  • Commercial buildings
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Hotels
  • Carports
  • Open spaces

With the supplied energy management software, you can control your energy flows fully automatically, from self-consumption, grid feed-in, battery charging or charging e-cars using our charging stations.


Our aluminum series is designed using aluminum alloy, giving it an aesthetic and elegant appearance. Lightweight materials and a slot keel design make it easy to install. A 15 m anodizing of the surface ensures high anti-corrosive
performance. It is height-adjustable, thus flexible for use in various complex terrains.

Innovative and Efficient:

AlumPower's aluminum series adopts the newly developed patent design of the upper-press and lower-lock, which increases the installation efficiencyby 60%. An 80% recycling rate of the aluminum allows the power station to effectively "retain value”.


Reference excerpt

1MWp solar-diesel hybrid PV-power-plant, Somalia

100% self-sufficiency for 365 days.
  • Freestanding photovoltaic system
  • Battery storage
  • Energy management system
  • Island operation
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