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The advantage of the Smart WasteConverter MACS is:

MACS offer a safe and economic high-end solution for the decontamination of medical, infectious and other hazardous waste. The MACS technology is certified by the German Robert Koch Institute.

MACS surpass the standards of WHO, which require a Sterility Assurance Level of Log SAL = -6. According to test reports of MTL Bad Elster, MACS reach up to Log SAL = -48.

The MACS sterilization-shredder unit is designed to neutralize infectious medical waste class C. Waste of this kind is found in hospitals and hospital environments. Prophylaxis of infections is best achieved by minimizing collection, transport distances and interim storage time as well as simultaneous protection measures. Sterilizing this type of waste in an especially designed autoclave and shredding unit fits these requirements definitely best.


  • Single step shredding
  • Sterilization process
  • Reduces volume up to 97% • Destruction of sharps
  • Unrecognizable
  • Low cost
  • No unpleasant odours
  • No negative air emissions • No toxic chemicals needed
  • No special bags needed
  • Self-contained unit


  • Hospitals
  • Clinical labs
  • Research facilities
  • Dialysis clinics
  • VA hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical / Biotech • Blood banks
  • Conf. HIPAA media
  • Sewage plants


With the highly developed MACS liquid program, large quantities of fluids (blood, urine, dialysis fluids, etc.) can be processed in a particularly energy-efficient manner. The sterilized liquids can be added directly to the waste- water. Only the shredded containers remain after the pro- cess (Volume reduction up to 97%).


With the optimized MACS food program, any kind of food (food remains, peels, etc.) can be processed. This process desinfects every food waste. Besides that, the volume as well as the weight of the output material are reduced enormously.

Management of waste of any kind

TYPES OF WASTE according to the European Waste Catalogue (WHO description in brackets)

  • 180101 sharps (WHO-sharps).
  • 180102 blood bags and blood preserves. (WHO-pathological waste).
  • 180103 wastes whose collection and disposal is subject to special requirements in order to prevent infection (i.e. dres- sings, plaster casts, linen, disposable clothing, diapers) (WHO non-risk or „general“ health-care waste).
  • 150111 metallic packing, but no pressure containers VOC’s.
  • Volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), chemotherapeutic wastes and radiological wastes should not be treated in a MACS.

Smart Waste Converter - MACS

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