Battery storage for Peak shaving, self-consumption optimisation, pre-charge storage

for Electromobility or standby power  operation

Lithium Ion Technology

Battery Storage

The INTILION scalebloc impresses with its holistic, well thought-out concept, which also includes the inverter, the energy management system and the air-conditioned housing. The 68.5 kWh lithium-ion battery system forms the basis of the storage solution. The battery modules are protected against fire and explosion by special 19" fire protection racks. By means of an integrated 30 kVA bidirectional inverter, a stable three-phase 400 V grid can always be provided. All components are optimally operated via a self-developed EMS, controlled for the respective application and made available in the cloud. Complete integration into an outdoor housing specially designed for the scalebloc rounds the system solution off.


Commercial storage 

The INTILION | scalebloc is based on a lithium-ion battery system and serves as a complete solution for stationary energy storage. In addition to the many possible applications in the areas of optimisation of own consumption, peak shaving, support of e-charging points and as an additive emergency power solution in the off-grid sector, the commercial storage unit also offers other highlights.

Large-scale storage

Our high-performance industrial storage system delivers a reliable energy supply. Its modular construction makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Together we can design your customised INTILION | scalecube: always the best solution both in terms of economic efficiency and technology.

Indoor energy storage

Get to know our new, modular indoor energy storage system for public utilities, municipalities, industrial companies and farmers. The system can be expanded in 25 kVA steps from 25 kVA up to 400 kVA. The charging and discharging power can be freely selected between 0.5C and 2C. The capacity is between 123 kWh and approx. 1 MWh, depending on your individual requirements.

Vanadium Redox Flow Technology by cellcube

The technology

The vanadium redox flow battery system is modular so that the power can be selected independently of the capacity. Currently, three pre-configured CellCube systems are available, from which you can call up 4, 6 or 8 hours of power in 250 kW stages. 

With the different power units and electrolyte tanks, storage parks in the double-digit MW range and a power output of up to 24 hours can also be set up.

Electrolyte and battery systems are reusable, part of the circular economy, safe and with low environment impact.

Turn-Key Solutions and Systems

  • Containerized AC/DC energy storage systems
  • Integrated battery management systems
  • Installation, integration and commissioning
  • Customised solution depending on use case

CellCube has a wide product family to offer flexible solutions for various use cases in any regions

Feasibility analysis, modelling and project system simulation

  • System integration services for hybrid solutions
  • Customized solutions and R&D
  • Project development support for IPP and PPA businesses

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