We are collecting donations to finance a Health Center

Samburu in Kenya is extremly hard hit by the draught

The last 5 years the rain in Samburu didn´t fall. The saisonal rivers are dry. The people living there have to walk about 15km to the next water place. The animals like Giraffes, Rhinos or Elephants are dying because of the draugth. Agriculture is not possible because of the lack of water. Kids are running beside our car and begging for water.
Without water

Drinkable water and healthy is so important!
green-climate.world wants to help the people in Samburu! We bring the water, help them with the health centre, the people in Samburu, especially the women.

We want to finance a Health Center for Samburu. green-climate.world donated already EUR 50.000,00
Our Goal is to achieve EUR 200.000,00 to build a health center and buy 2 ambulances and some medical tools.

Please help us to achieve that goal!

You also get a Receipt for your donation.

The names of each who donates will be listest below.
You can Donate here with the payment reference: Health for Samburu

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